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Rise of the Pirates
Throw yourself into a world of fantasy and create your own character to embark on an epic high seas adventure of your own making. In the pursuit of power, riches and glory, from something as traditional as discovering buried treasure, to simply slaying man and beast alike, there is a path for everyone. Choose between the two warring factions and decide on which side of history you wish to be on -- to be a Law Abiding Marine, or to be a Freedom Loving Pirate, you will be thrown into a grueling conflict between two sides that fight for control, and only one can reign supreme. With a huge variety of uniquely powerful classes and engaging professions to choose from, as well as an open world to explore and do with as you please, you are truly the master of your own fate!
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Mobile Games

Rise of the Ninja
Join Magenta on a ninja adventure as she trains to be the best ninja alive. Jump and Double Jump from log to log as you throw ninja stars at targets to improve your score! She will be Queen of the Ninjas Believe it!
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Swingy Monsters
Join Cheerdle and friends as they with the help of Lola Bat swing from cliff to cliff! How many can you successfully land on! Collect coins and unlock new characters!
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Color Phase
Reach the bottom by phasing through beautiful platforms of the same color. Pass through two platforms at once to activate the fireball power-up! crashing into the next platform! Over 100 Levels!
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The Developer

Peter (Pride Ravanok)

Game Developer, iOS Developer, Web Developer